Is it me or society?

We see depression and anxiety as something that is wrong with us, that we are broken or incomplete or that we are not good enough. We don’t receive true joy from the way we are living - working our 9-5pm job, paying bills, paying mortgages... We take medication so that we no longer feel depressed or anxious. We dampen this aspect of ourselves so that we can fit in and participate in society and carry on in our lives. But what if depression and anxiety instead means that instead of us being incomplete or broken but rather just a product of a broken and outdated society - a society that is blindly clearing the forests, polluting our water and air, contaminating our food, mining the oceans of all life..disconnecting to our own life supporting system. 

Depression means that we are dwelling in the past, anxiety is that we are thinking too much of the future. They are both escaping the present moment.  What are we not facing in the present moment? The key is to discover what it is you would prefer, what is your true longing and calling. To be honest and to really question and create the space in our lives to listen. I believe the people who suffer from anxiety and depression are the exact people who when they stand in their power, and stop trying to fit the mould which they will never fit, are the ones that are going to change the world. Many clients I see in my clinic who suffer from anxiety and depression are the ones who feel the most, the empaths.  They have a more sensitive radar to something not being quite right. But then they close in on themselves, thoughts of fear, doubt and self worth kick in and paralyse them from actually stepping up and speaking their truth.   

The pain they feel is a result of the separation from what they are doing to what their heart desires.  The greater the pain, the greater the hearts calling or desire for something more, something different - what is it that your heart wants to create? Is your life a product of conditioning and society or have you dug deeper into the depths of your soul and questioned what is it that we want underneath it all?  It is ok to be different, is it ok to not agree. We are prefect and complete, the system is broken and outdated.