Kinesiology works with the subconscious areas of the brain to release stress in order to bring the body into an optimal state of physical, mental and emotional health. Kinesiology is about living life at your highest potential.


Kinesiology and Your Healing

Kinesiology views stress as the underlying cause of all dis-eases in the body.  This is because it causes blockages in the body's communication and therefore inhibits the ability of the body to self-heal.  Unresolved stress in the body can cause biochemical, structural and emotional/mental imbalances.  


About Me

True healing comes through the inward journey of self discovery. Once we are connected to our passions and calling in life and committed to taking action to self actualise our potential all aspects of our being - emotional, spiritual, physical and psychological - balance, align and harmonise.


My Blog

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Stress - Anxiety - Depression - Digestive Disorders - Hormonal Imbalances - Fatigue - Learning Difficulties - Diet/Weight - Nutrition

I have found Melissa to be such a nurturing therapist who has a very clear energy and holds the healing space really well allowing me to move through my issues. This is especially important to me because usually I can be quite resistant and sensitive. The sessions have defiantly helped me to tap into my highest potential and realign with my heart. They have allowed me to become a lot clearer in regards to the direction of my life.
— L. Dyn