Melissa is a kind and brilliant intuitive healer who has helped me translate and navigate the depths of my subconscious. She has unlocked some powerful insights which have enabled me to better understand and care for myself. I highly recommend kinesiology and Melissa’s abilities!
— Georgia Vidler
After my first session with Melissa, I felt so much better than when I walked in! I felt at peace, grounded and like my old self again, something which I hadn’t felt in a long while. I continued to have sessions with her and always had great results! Melissa is not only great kinesiologist, she is also an intuitive, wise and compassionate listener and offers good sound, practical advice. I highly recommend her! Thank you Melissa for helping me heal and find my balance again!
— Anita Sadras
Melissa is a gifted healer and human being. Whether you’re looking to enhance your health and wellness, release stress or raise your vibration and energy. Melissa has an intuitive and unique ability to create a sacred space for your healing and growth. With her experience in Kinesiology, and being the first Marconics practitioner in Australia, an individual with Melissa’s experience and skill is a rare find. I highly recommend receiving a session from Melissa for anyone looking to improve their life.
— Josh O'Grady
Melissa is very in tune with the mind and body on many levels and even in my very first session was able to identify the root causes of what was holding me back from reaching my full potential. I leave every time with clarity, focus and energy.
— Lauren Parish
After a few sessions, Melissa was able to help me unblock emotional issues that were holding me back within my career, relationships and health goals. Her kinesiology knowledge and experience has helped me immensely, and I couldn’t thank her more. I highly recommend Melissa.
— Stephanie Dowell
Melissa has a beautiful healing, caring aura about her and is a good listener. Her wholistic approach to well being, utilising Kinesiology as partly a diagnostic tool to provide a healing direction has been very helpful to me. I would recommend her to anyone looking for some well informed tips and advice on a healing path and wholistic approach to wellness and happiness.
— Angus Mackay
I have been looking for some answers from medical and psychological sources of information for quite some time. Melissa’s intuition, empathy, knowledge and emotional intelligence were essential for me to put the pieces together. Very Effective. Highly recommend.
— HP
I have been working with Melissa now for around 8 months and can’t believe how quickly I felt changes within myself. I came to Melissa to assist with anxiety and issues around work and career. She very quickly cleared blockages and I feel amazing physically, mentally and spiritually. I can’t recommend her highly enough to anyone else out there.
— Michelle Stook
Melissa is amazing at what she does and is very inspirational kinesiologist. I always feel amazing after a session with her. Highly recommend!
— Tanya King
Melissa is really a leading light at a time when the world is once again looking to spiritualism for guidance. She is intuitive, knowledgeable across various disciplines and someone who practices what she teaches. I highly recommend.
— Bradley Garnett
Melissa is an intuitive healer. She connects well, gently guides one through the goals one is working towards. Her sessions have made me feel more grounded and to be in sync with my emotional and physical well being.
— Ray ZetaPiscium
I’ve been seeing Melissa for 6 months now and get incredible value out of our sessions which have covered the spectrum of holistic wellness. I feel grounded, connected and in tune, and wouldn’t hesitate to recommended her!
— Kate W
Melissa is warm and insightful, with expert knowledge in many aspects of health and healing. Within a few sessions I had a better understanding of my body, and had learned simple techniques to enact change in areas of concern. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to try kinesiology.
— Kate Zahnleiter
Melissa is a gifted healer, very intuitive. I have worked with her for a few months now, every time her diagnosis of underlying issues has been spot on. We are usually so occupied that our thoughts do not wander in that direction, even if they do, we may not be able to correlate. With her diagnosis, I have had to make very small changes in my life, which have had a big positive impact on my overall health and general well being.
— Shanoo Pandita
Melissa treated me for teeth clenching and holding tension in my body. Results were fast and long lasting. I have also learnt techniques from her to stay calm and release my tension. I had an awesome recovery, many thanks to Melissa. Highly recommend!!!
— Donna Patane
Thank you so much for helping me out, I have gotten to a really good place and I wouldn’t have made it this far without your help and guidance. You are really really gifted.
— S. Pandita
Over our sessions Melissa has guided me with her knowledge and beautiful presence. Every time I leave Melissa’s kinesiology sessions, I feel more uplifted, grounded and gain a sense of energy and eagerness for what’s to come next. We’re all on a journey of life and it can seem difficult to navigate our paths, but the decision to go to Melissa’s clinic was one I have definitely not regretted.
— Imogen Fitzpatrick