I love to live that which I hope to inspire in others.  My passions in pictures.


Harnessing the inner child

It is so easy for life to become both serious and stressful.  So often we suppress that inner child within ourselves so that we can 'work hard' to achieve our goals.  But what if by suppressing that inner calling, the inner playfulness was actually inhibiting your ability to achieve your goals.  What if that inner child brings through creativity and flow that you did not know you even had.  So often children are taught to 'grow up' and 'be more mature'.  But why does life have to be so serious? Planet Earth is the ultimate playground of experience, beauty, abundance and imagination.  Our time here is about exploration, discovery and play.  Take time out to nurture that inner child within you that is calling you to dance and giggle. 

Nurturing oneself is foremost - time is an illusion

Time is an illusion.  If you say you are busy, then you are busy.  We can create time just as much as we can lose time.  I do only those things in my life that align to my passion and highest excitement. They give me energy rather then deplete me.  As I set my own hours, I work when my mind is at its sharpest and rest when I need restoration.  This allows me to get through my work a lot more efficient rather than procrastinate.  Why wouldn't you have energy to do something that you love? I am never too busy for me.  

If I teach sustainability, then I need to practice sustainability.  Nurturing my body, mind and spirit is foremost and is the very foundation from which I build my goals upon. Yoga is such a wonderful and ancient practice that can greatly help to remind you to breath, reconnect and remember that everything is perfect and exactly how it is suppose to be!

Cruelty free nutrition

Flower herb salad fresh from my garden.  Yarrow, bush basil, sweet basil, mallow flowers, Brazilian spinach, Kang Kong, Sheep Sorrel, Nasturtium leaves, Gota Kola, cherry tomatoes and activated almonds.  It is amazing how much nutrition you can pack into a salad, covering all of your nurturing and essential vitamins and minerals.  When you start to think about how much variety of vegetation on their planet is actually edible, you start to see how limiting the range of food available from our supermarkets is! I love the idea of walking out into my edible garden and grazing on that for which I feel drawn to.  It is as if my instincts and intuition is telling me what nutrition I need for that day.  

I don't believe in 'labels' but rather call myself a 'intuitive eater'.  I listen to the needs of my body and eat accordingly.  My body never craves the flesh of animals and thus assign to a cruelty free diet that provides all my nutritional needs. 

Connecting to mother nature though gardening

The outer world is a reflection of your inner world - Your mind is the soil and the plants are your thoughts - are you planting seeds of weeds or flowers?

Through gardening a great sense of interconnectedness with all that is living around you can be felt. We have the tendency to want to take control, however part of developing a green thumb involves sitting back and listening and observing quietly, for so much information and depth is revealed and learnt. Give back to the earth, and it will thank you with abundance, beauty, love and support.

The picture is of my garden.  The pumpkins and zucchinis are having a race, the herbs are exploding and I'm one grateful gardner with a belly full of food.  Mother Nature is so abundant and beautiful. 

My garden.jpg

We are all equal beings

When I look into the eyes of an animal, I do not see an animal.  I see a living being.  I see a friend.  I feel a soul.  True love and compassion extend far beyond the boundaries of the human race, but an extension to the entire animal kingdom and mother nature.  Once we transcend these boundaries we discover the interdependence and interconnectedness of all living beings and the universe.