Ever since I met Melissa, it has been a lovely, inspiring connection. Not only is she on the same plant-based, prana, organic lifestyle path as I am, Melissa and I are also energetically connected thru Marconics.
I recently had a distant ‘No-Touch’ Marconic Energy session with Melissa. The energy was serene and familiar to what I have previously experienced with Marconics yet, this time, Melissa guided a very powerful integration. I felt a sense of realignment with my Earth body and other higher Selves. During and after the session, I was reminded of all the powerful tools, strength, and wisdom I have at my grasp and not forget to put them to good use. Love, Power, and Protection felt so “alive” within me.
Melissa provided a blessed space for me to reconnect once more, to a higher level of myself. That is what Marconics is: a constant evolutionary process.
I highly recommend Melissa as your Marconic Energy channel. Melissa is kind-hearted, intuitive, with a loving yet powerful energy. Connect with her.
— Patsy Balacchi
Melissa is a gifted healer and human being. Whether you’re looking to enhance your health and wellness, release stress or raise your vibration and energy. Melissa has an intuitive and unique ability to create a sacred space for your healing and growth. With her experience in Kinesiology, and being the first Marconics practitioner in Australia, an individual with Melissa’s experience and skill is a rare find. I highly recommend visiting Gaia Kinesiology and receiving a session from Melissa for anyone looking to improve their life.
— Josh O'Grady
I had a Marconics session with Melissa and found it to be a really powerful session. It cleared some deep fears and self doubt that I couldn’t be happier to let go of. By letting go of that it has left me feeling completely at ease and really peaceful. Melissa is so warm and generous and makes the session a delightful experience. I highly recommend it to everyone!
— Kemina Fulwood
I received a lovely, long distance Marconics session from Melissa yesterday. Very profound. And beautiful. I could feel the energy going through me. Thanks Melissa. Looking forward to the next session.
— Dawn Williams
I received my first long distance Marconics healing session and it was amazing! I got up feeling fresh and bright eyed....more clear and connected.If you haven’t tried it...it’s a must. Thank you Melissa
— Freddy Aguirre
Melissa is a empathetic, kind and professional practitioner. Her presence allowed me to completely relax and release the stuff I no longer need. Marconics was a powerful experience of deep energy healing. Highly recommend.
— Rachelle Hickson
Melissa is really a leading light at a time when the world is once again looking to spiritualism for guidance. She is intuitive, knowledgeable across various disciplines and someone who practices what she teaches. I highly recommend.
— Bradley Garnett
Melissa is very in tune with the mind and body on many levels and even in my very first session was able to identify the root causes of what was holding me back from reaching my full potential. I leave every time with clarity, focus and energy.
— Lauren Parish