Marconics treatments are a completely hands-off healing, other than light touch at your feet during final grounding.  It can be done in-person, or as a distant session (except for the recalibration which must be done in person). 

During your treatment you will lie face-up on a massage table, fully clothed.  I  will move around the table following running Marconics energy through different axiatonal pathways and holding different points above the body.

During the session, whether in-person or distant, clients often report different experiences that may include: body sensations, receive imagery or guidance, feel the presence of your guides, a deep sense of relaxation and peace or a state of dream space.  Some clients experience some involuntary body movements - these movements are completely stress-free and comfortable.  More energetically intense sensations may be experienced if an integration with an aspect of your higher self takes place, but again these sensations are not uncomfortable.