My life mission is to inspire others to live a more meaningful and purposeful life through the reclaiming of their power and sovereignty and by releasing density and karmic patterns. I am inspired to promote, enhance and facilitate physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health and wellness; to create a sacred space for a connection to Mind Body and Spirit; and to empower those who seek a higher light and vibration.  I work with a blend of Applied Kinesiology, Intuitive Counselling and Ayurvedic Medicine, as well as through ground roots movements of permaculture and gardening.


About kinesiology

Kinesiology is a gentle, non-invasive and highly effective natural therapy that supports and enhances growth and change in all areas of your life. Kinesiology is the therapeutic use of muscle testing which directly accesses the subconscious areas of the brain to release stress. 

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about me

Melissa is an Applied Kinesiologist, Marconics Energy Practitioner and Certified Embodied Flow Yoga Instructor who has over 5 years experience. She is passionate about working with individuals to create more purpose, joy and balance in their lives.    

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What Others Say..

Melissa is a gifted healer and human being. Whether you’re looking to enhance your health and wellness, release stress or raise your vibration and energy. Melissa has an intuitive and unique ability to create a sacred space for your healing and growth. With her experience in Kinesiology, and being the first Marconics practitioner in Australia, an individual with Melissa’s experience and skill is a rare find. I highly recommend visiting Gaia Kinesiology and receiving a session from Melissa for anyone looking to improve their life.
— Josh O'Grady
Melissa is very in tune with the mind and body on many levels and even in my very first session was able to identify the root causes of what was holding me back from reaching my full potential. I leave every time with clarity, focus and energy. Highly recommend Melissa as a gifted Kinesiologist and healer.
— Lauren Parish
I have been working with Melissa now for around 8 months and can’t believe how quickly I felt changes within myself. I came to Melissa to assist with anxiety and issues around work and career. She very quickly cleared blockages and I feel amazing physically, mentally and spiritually. I can’t recommend her highly enough to anyone else out there.
— Michelle Stook

As a certified Kinesiologist Melissa is registered for rebates through Private Health Insurance.